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1. NXM 5004 Feature

. Supply voltage : 2.4V ~ 3.6V
. IIC Interface : Standard / fast mode (Max 2.0Mhz supported)
              Default Slave address 0xE0/0xE1(W/R), Slave address can be changed by set-up
. Self Auto-Calibration with only one IIC command
. High speed non-volatile memory
  Speed of write and read command (max) : 2.0MHz (IIC Bus speed)
  EEPROM Store time (max) : 15ms
  EEPROM Read time : immediately
. High resolution PID controller
. Built-in 2ch Current Drive DAC and 2ch Voltage Drive DAC for calibration
. Built-in 1ch 12bit ADC
. Built-in LDO
. Built-in OSC (24MHz ±3%, Frequency adjustment function)
. Compensation variation of hall about temperature
. Digital Gyro I/F for the companies (SPI Bus)
. FRA ( Frequency Response Analysis ) Function is supported
. Package : 20-pin WL-CSP


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